Professional Commercial Property Management For Your Properties Saves You Many Headaches


What Does Commercial Property Management Typically Include?

  • Management Planning
  • Financial Reporting & Budgeting
  • Building Maintenance
  • Rent Collection, Lease Negotiations & Tenant Relations
  • Contract Specs & Documented Procedures

A management company’s expertise should match an investor’s needs. Is the real estate investment an office, an industrial building, a multifamily housing complex, or a suburban strip center? We specialize in most, but not all, aspects of commercial real estate. We do not specialize in multifamily management, so we would be happy to refer our clients to someone who specializes in apartment management.

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Honest, experienced, and creative real estate management can obtain the maximum return on an asset by improving cash flow, retaining tenants, and increasing long term value for property Owners.  Knowing the local market helps building owners capitalize on opportunities within the rental market and also helps to avoid catastrophic rental scenarios. Understanding the ebbs and flows of the local market allows us to create a long term strategywith owners to maximize a property’s potential. Correctly marketing a property to attract a specific type of tenant is something we specialize in and take very seriously because a bad tenant mix can be disastrous all the way around.

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